2D and 3D Floor Plan Walkthrough: Additional Information
3D Objects and 3D Animation service. Now you can ‘walk-through’ a property
on the web, as if you were there in person. High-quality computer generated
videos let you experience a home, and get a realistic feel for its size and layout.

The virtual walkthrough is a moving representation of a building.
This building can be an actual building, a building under construction, or a
planned building in development. These walkthroughs are provided in full
High Definition, and are an extremely powerful way of feeding
the visitor’s imagination.

One of the most popular uses of a virtual walkthrough is for real estate
development projects. Our virtual walkthroughs allow you to showcase a building
while it is under development, or in the planning stages.
This is also useful for city planners,
construction companies, architects, and home buyers.

We use your information to create the walkthrough using special images
taken from on site. It’s like somebody moving through the property with
a video camera, but the visitor can jump from one room to another simply by
clicking on the name button for each room.

At the end of the virtual walkthrough, the viewer can see photographs that
show exactly how the home/property looks today.

These are delivered in a flash panorama file, stored on our virtual tour hosting
site, and can also be downloaded to a file or CD.